Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except your self.
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The Cramps - Human Fly
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The Cramps “Human Fly” (1979 Demo)

I'm an Capricorn guy and I'm in love with a virgo girl, but she doesn't even notice me! Could you suggest some ways how I could get her attention?


Well this is a bit cute! I would say talk to her (I know not the best advice and not as easy as it seems) BUT find out little things about her like that no one notices and then like remember it. Say for example you saw her listening to a band on her ipod like next time you see her be like “you like the so and so don’t you? Yeah what’s their music like?”. Virgos love when people notice small detail! Virgos and Capricorns are amazing together so once you start talking to her more you both should realise how compatible you are. Invite her out to places, not too loud and busy however, more simple like the cinemas. Complement her but not too much, Virgos don’t like people who over flatter. Most of all just get to know her and she’ll open up! Be loyal aswell xx 


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